To proofread or edit

We can proofread or edit:

  • Academic Papers, Essays, Dissertations, Theses, Capstone Projects (APA, MLA, or Chicago Manual of Style)
  • Advertisements, Brochures, Flyers, Pamphlets
  • Autobiographies and Biographies
  • Company Documents, Memos, Reports
  • Classroom Materials
  • Cookbooks
  • eBooks (if you need help formatting for Smashwords, Kindle, Nook, iTunes, etc., go to eBook Conversion)
  • Fiction (Novels, Novellas, Short Story Collections)
  • Journal, Newspaper, and Magazine Articles
  • Manuals, Guidebooks, Handbooks, and How-To Books
  • Newsletters and Reports
  • Non-Fiction
  • Professional/Personal Correspondences and E-Mail Messages
  • Textbooks and Technical Publications
  • Screenplays and Plays
  • Web site copy

… and much, much, more! If you write it, we will proofread it.


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